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The unicorn's song

Once upon a time not so far away from where you're sitting now, a little unicorn lived by herself in a clover glen.

In the daytime she would sun herself beside the clean, sparkling stream. 
In the evenings she would sing to herself and it was such an exquisite sound that every nearby bird stopped to listen in wonder at the sweetness of her voice. 
At night she would sit still while the stars told her bedtime stories until she fell asleep.

One morning while searching for a rare flower for her daughter's birthday the queen's sister happened to wander close by the glen. And from the glen she heard the most beautiful sound she had ever known. It was the unicorn's song.

The queen's sister crept as quietly as her fine robes would allow her to do and she peered through the branches of a wild rose bush to look and see the source of that wonderful music.

This is what she saw:

Little Unicorn Music Box Locket

Outblush featured "Sweet Molly" today

How nice! Take a look at what the writers at Outblush had to saw about my Sweet Molly musical locket today.

"This is no ordinary locket..."


Charming cat face musical locket

An adorable heart-shaped photo-locket with a real music box inside.

Available at

Make a big impression with a little music box

It fits in her palm and is always there to remind her of your special friendship. Choose from 17 different songs for the locket to play when the tiny key on the reverse side is wound. Choose a heart-shaped locket and include a personal message on the inside.

Current Favourite

The whimsical, speckled blue pattern is a current favourite among our fans, featured here on MSM's cat cameo and silver stag lockets. Inside each locket you will find an authentic old-fashioned wind-up music box which plays a short tune of your choice.

Listen to them play

Choose from 17 different melodies:
such as Moon River, You Are My Sunshine, Love Story, Happy Birthday, Close To You, My Favorite Things....

Miniature music box lockets by My Secret Music Box


Where to find a music box in Toronto?

The time has come - I will be selling a goodly portion of my vintage music box collection at the Toronto St Lawrence Antique Market located at Front & Jarvis for a few more Sundays between late September and December.

They are disappearing quite quickly though (sweet sorrow!) and I might not have many more left to sell as the weeks go on.

You can email me if you want to make sure I'll be at the market on a given Sunday - send me a note at clockworkfantastica (a.t)

I'm also saying "so long!" to some cute vintage salt and pepper shakers. Bye Bye cute squirrels, Bye Bye little deer, Bye Bye pink elephants, Bye bye Miss Priss...


New From My Secret Music Box...

Love My Bicycle Miniature Music Box Heart Locket

An old-fashioned wind-up music box is hidden inside this bicycle themed locket. When the tiny key on the reverse side of the locket is wound, a little music box plays a short tune.

The vintage styled bicycle is plated in bronze and antiqued with a rich deep patina. It rests on floral Italian papers lining both the inside and outside.


Make Your Own Glittering Musical Ornament!

An excellent tutorial by Amber of SaltTree who shares how to make your own top notch ornament with a working music box inside.

Using this:

and This:

Step-by-step instructions are on Amber's blog:

The music box mechanism employed in this project is available here:



Handmade Market at the Good Earth last weekend

This is what my booth looked like at the HandMade Market in Beamsville Ontario over the weekend.
The show actually went better for me on the 2nd day, rain and all. I will attribute this to the lights I added to the display on Sunday - plus, I do believe it's a serious and shopper crafts lover who comes to the fair in the rain.

I really like the little cabinet seen in the centre of my display. A lucky find, it suits my miniature music boxes perfectly.

I debuted the little folding heart lockets at the show on Saturday.

This is my point of view - the reverse side of the display
 It was a well organized and very well attended event. It was still hard to balance the expenses of coming from Toronto overnight though.I had some good conversations with some of the visitors. We chatted about clocks, music boxes, and Saturday morning cartoons of the 80's.

About a show: The More Than Metal Show

For the past few months I worked relentlessly to put produce a very successful jewellery show here in Toronto.

The show went great, just really tiring. I'm planning on doing it again, but with more help next time for sure. I did all the website stuff, press copy and releases, ad, postcard and poster design, door-to-door flyering (I was really paranoid about getting the word out effectively), getting sponsors, performed the catering etc. etc. OMG.

The funny thing is that the show was partially conceived out of frustration with my experience with a lot of craft shows - I wanted to put on a show that would suit my type of work and others like me, but of course I had no time at all to man my own table. Very ironic.

I only had a chance to take a small handful of photos, but you can see the ones I got with the help of a friend here some photos One of the participants blogged about it too

I mean, everyone looks like they had a good time and all of the written feedback I got from the artists says they had a very positive experience so I'm relieved.


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